Café Exquisito

Café Exquisito is a brand of "specialty coffee", dedicated to distribution, sale and marketing.


Provide a tasty coffee for all the fans of the same around the planet and seek to be recognized as one of the best coffees in the world, proving that our island still makes the best coffee.


We see coffee as the ideal link; that cancels the differences and promotes communication, unity, solidarity and mutual respect; We hope to offer each customer the best possible culinary experience by promoting these values in them and those around them through our product and its harmonizing quality.

Our values

  • Integrity - Integrity is the state of what is complete or has all its parts, is the totality, the fullness. The whole is something that has all its parts intact or pure. With respect to a person, personal integrity can refer to an educated, honest individual, who has emotional control, who has self-respect, appropriate, who has respect for others, responsible, disciplined, direct, punctual, loyal, neat and that he is firm in his actions, therefore, he is attentive, correct and unimpeachable. Integrity, in this last case, is a value and a quality of who has moral integrity, rectitude and honesty in behavior and behavior. In general, a person of integrity is someone who can be trusted.
  • Responsibility - Responsibility is the fulfillment of obligations, or care when making decisions or doing something. The responsibility is also the fact of being responsible for someone or something. It is also used to refer to the obligation to respond to an event. The responsibility is considered a quality and a value of the human being. It is a positive characteristic of people who are capable of committing and acting correctly.
  • Truthfulness - Truthfulness is the quality of what is true or truthful, and is conformed to the truth and conforms to it. It is a positive moral value that seeks the truth. It is intimately related to everything that refers to the truth or reality, or the ability of someone to always tell the truth and be sincere, honest, honest and have good faith. Therefore, it is the opposite of lying, hypocrisy or falsehood.
  • Mutual Respect- Mutual respect implies recognition, veneration and appreciation for another person or thing. This is one that is based on the feeling of reciprocity, where all the people involved have the same respect for each other. Respect is a value that is learned at home, during upbringing, and throughout the school's formative stage. Characteristics of respect are consideration, appreciation, recognition, honesty and courtesy towards the other person. Respecting each other means understanding and valuing the other, their way of seeing and living life, their attitude towards things, their interests, their needs and their concerns, and it is only possible if the other is able to understand and value you in the same way .